Ultrasonogrphy Department

Ultrasonogrphy Department

We have modern Mindray ultrasonography machine within consulting room. Which help in assisting extension of examination of patient which will be done by our renownuro-oncosurgeon Dr ChetanSheladia. This will helps in faster diagnosis and treatment of patient.

USG Abdomen is done to screen following:

  • Kidney
  • Adrenal
  • Ureter
  • Bladder Prostate
  • Liver
  • Spleen

For stone, Tumor and Infection, Abscess

Prosate :- USG machine is used to take 12 core or extended core biopsy from all target directed biopsy.

USG also used intra- operatively for access in to pelvicaliceal system of kidney.

Post operatively USG used for assessing residual stone and stone clearance.